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Graham Galloway 

Web Designer and Marketing Consultant


About Graham

Web Designer and Marketing Consultant

I’m an expert web designer and marketing consultant with several years of experience. I’ve been designing web sites since 2015 with projects varying from personal blogs, to movies to entire businesses. I’m also a former full time influencer and I’m featured in the 2014 Guinness book of world records gamers edition.


I offer a multitude of services including web design, marketing consulting and social media strategy. I’m even experienced in talent management with one of my clients going from 0 to 100,000 followers on Tiktok within one year of working with me. 


I specialize in fast response times as I only work with a few clients at a time. That way I can make website/marketing updates when they’re actually needed. Rather than waiting 7-10 business days when the post or update is urgent and your business is losing revenue.


Web Design


Social Media




Select Clients

Bearwaters Brewing Company

Bearwaters Logo.jpg

Bearwaters Brewing company is a brewery in Western North Carolina with locations in Canton, Maggie Valley and Hazelwood. I’m head of marketing and lead web designer for bearwaters. I also assist them with their social media strategy.

Greg Galloway ESQ


With over 30 years in the business Greg Galloway PA is one of the most experienced law firms in all of Orlando, FL. They’ve negotiated for and against all the major record labels and movie studios. I’m the lead web designer for Greg Galloway PA as well as their Marketing Consultant.

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